Loaders Overview

Commhoist Logistics is a one-stop-shop for telecom logistics in the mobile and fixed networks infrastructure sector. Utilising our own fleet of specialist vehicles and plant we safely transport, lift and land materials, plant, equipment and people on technically challenging and mission critical telecom sites.

Commhoist have been involved in every mainland UK cellular network delivery and upgrade programme since 1996 and we pride ourselves on delivering safe and right first-time logistics so our customers reputation for safety, reliability and a trusted service is preserved at all times.

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Commhoist remove the pain of having to manage multiple suppliers by assigning a dedicated team leader to manage all aspects of a project from start to completion. Taking complete ownership for organising a physical survey of the site, transportation, collection and delivery of materials and equipment to and from site, road closures, symology, traffic management, pedestrian management, local council fees, Network Rail, and Airports permission and finally the lifting and landing of equipment and materials to there final location.